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Having difficulties with the divorce process? The Watts McCray team are here to advise you on divorce and family law matters and support you every step of the way.

With dedicated offices servicing the Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Canberra, Erina, Norwest, Brookvale & Frenchs Forest, Watts McCray divorce lawyers can help you deal with your concerns and give prompt, accurate divorce advice wherever you live.

Whether you’re concerned about getting a divorce with kids, or you want to know how adultery is treated, we’re here for you. With the largest number of Accredited Specialist family lawyers in Sydney and across Australia, Watts McCray Divorce Lawyers lead the way.

  • To apply for a divorce, you must fill out and lodge an application to the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. There is a filing fee that must be paid to the court unless you qualify for fee relief.

    For a fast and convenient way to file your application, you can use our online divorce application process. This is a simple and affordable way to apply for your divorce.

    Alternatively, you can talk to an experienced family lawyer from Watts McCray Lawyers who can help you prepare and file your divorce application and assist you with other matters such as property, financial settlements and getting a divorce with kids.

    Once a divorce application has been completed, it is sworn and filed with the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. The application is then given a hearing date that is roughly 2 months from when the application is filed. At this hearing, the court will determine whether a couple has met the requirements for a divorce. Once the court grants the divorce, the divorce order will take effect after one month.

    The whole process generally takes 4 months.

We understand more so than others, that clients cope with the divorce law system better when they are kept aware of the legal processes they are involved in. Because of this, our divorce lawyers will keep you aware of the relevant legal processes or any new developments that may directly affect you regularly and appropriately.

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