We thank our clients who have provided us with these testimonials. Section 121 of the Family Law Act prohibits publication of client details hence these testimonials are anonymous, however we do guarantee that they are authentic.


I engaged Rescina for my property settlement issue. She is very effective, professional and supportive. She made our entire experience simple and gave us total confidence in our decisions through relevant and accurate recommendations. Greatly appreciated and would like to recommend to others.

Director – Rescina Hekimian

Thank you Chris.  Your letter is eloquent.  I am impressed with how you crafted it to summarise the situation and place the right amount of pressure on the other side.  Thank you for your sympathy.

Senior Consultant – Chris Dunn

Thank you for everything, Tylah. We are both very pleased and happy that it is done and sorted. Thanks again for all your help!

Solicitor – Tylah Coskerie

Barry, thank you so much for your email….We wish to thank you also for guiding us throughout the hard time we had, and for giving us all the confidence to stand up on our feet always with strength, courage and dignity.

Director – Barry Frakes

Jackie is a dedicated, hard-working and professional solicitor.  Her dedication, hard work, professionalism and expertise in Family Law is evident in the results she obtains for her clients.  She goes above and beyond to get the best results for her clients.  I would highly recommend Jackie for your family law matter.

Managing Director – Jacqueline Vincent

I was put in contact with Sonia and her calm voice over the phone immediately made me feel at ease, as I must have sounded tense over the phone being fully aware of the short time frame I had to resolve the issue. Sonia was most helpful and immediate took action to look up my files which has now being archived. She was very professional and assured me that she will assist me to get the matter resolved as fast as possible.

New Client Officer – Sonia Khatchadourian

Thanks again to you Justin. My family have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and understanding afforded to us over the past few weeks.

Director – Justin Dowd