We thank our clients who have provided us with these testimonials. Section 121 of the Family Law Act prohibits publication of client details hence these testimonials are anonymous, however we do guarantee that they are authentic.


Getting divorced opened up emotions and vulnerability well beyond what I first imagined. I found the staff at Watts McCray incredibly supportive and guided me through the process and helped me to achieve a relatively good outcome considering. Beth Agar in-particular was excellent when I needed it most with her ever reliable and professional approach. Thank you.

Associate – Beth Agar


Beth, many thanks for your time and advice, it is much appreciated…once again thank you, a great service your firm provides.

Associate – Beth Agar

Kate and Matthew, thank you so much for supporting me through the settlement and guiding me through the process while simultaneously giving me hope and direction.  I sincerely am very grateful and would recommend either one of you to those in need of a lawyer.

Director – Kate O’Grady

Solicitor – Matthew Weston

Jackie, it was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you for making time in your calendar so quickly for me when I needed it. I found your advice informative and helpful and it was exactly what I needed to move forward with her father in terms of being informed on both sides…I can’t thank you enough for making a difficult/daunting conversation easy and comfortable for me.

Managing Director – Jacqueline Vincent

Josh Randall was my lawyer who represented me in the local court. He gave excellent legal advice, returned all my calls and emails. I could not have asked for a more professional lawyer.

Commercial Solicitor – Joshua Randall

It was a long process but Elizabeth Bedford was fantastic in court.

Director – Elizabeth Bedford

Amazing lawyers and Ron is the best in his field. He believes in what is best for the children and he strives for a fair outcome for all involved.

Canberra Partner – Ron Friesen

I would like to express my appreciation and my family’s appreciation for your assistance in this matter. Thank you Kiran for putting in the extra effort to find a solicitor available on a Friday when your offices were closed down. It was the only date we as a family could get together. And thank you Bernadette for being available on this Friday and for the professional manner you went about your work. My siblings and I were very impressed with  the kindness, sensitivity and patience you displayed when explaining the documents to my mum.

Senior Associate – Bernadette Melhem

Personal Assistant – Kiran Grewal