We thank our clients who have provided us with these testimonials. Section 121 of the Family Law Act prohibits publication of client details hence these testimonials are anonymous, however we do guarantee that they are authentic.


Josh is really supporting us well and making me feel very confident with his support to ensure we are covering all bases.  I am really happy to be working with Watts McCray to know we are getting the best support. That is the really important thing at this time to know we are being well advised.

Associate – Joshua Randall

Barry & Alyse, Now everything is settled I wanted to write to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done over the past few months. I can’t say ever I want to do it again but your openness, advice and professionalism do you both enormous credit.

Director – Barry Frakes

Personal Assistant – Alyse McAvoy

Sonja, How efficient are you !! As always !! Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help long after the end of the case.

Personal Assistant – Sonja Vidgen

Nicole, I would like to take an opportunity to thank you again for the hard work and professional experience you displayed assisting me to reach an outcome in my family law dispute. Getting a result at Monday’s mediation exceeded my expectations and this is in large part to you and your firm. I felt confident with you representing me and clearly, our preparedness, experience and sound advice also helped XXX and I reach an outcome that I believe is best for the children and the two of us moving forward.

It was apparent during mediation we were better prepared and this assisted in making sound judgments. After composing myself after a long day I now feel a greater sense of closure and feel optimistic about the future. I do understand there will be further difficult times and decisions and I would look to your counsel in the future if required.

I’m sure we will communicate further in the near future but I would like to express my appreciation for the effort leading up to the mediation and the huge effort you displayed on Monday. As I mentioned, your advice was always sound and clearly drew on the experience you have in your profession. Although not entirely complete, to reach an agreement in a matter of months is more than I could ask for.

Senior Associate – Nicole Stevens

Jackie & Katrina, Thank you so much for drafting this excellent letter on my behalf. I sobbed after receiving the last email but am ready to go into battle now you’re on my side!

Managing Director – Jacqueline Vincent

Personal Assistant – Katrina Denton

Sonia, Firstly I’d d like to say a massive thank you for yesterday. Your kind words and positivity went a long way. I truly appreciate your help honestly.…. But thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.

New Client Officer – Sonia Khatchadourian

Beth, Thank you for your phone call and expert advice.  This is very much appreciated and you have exceeded my expectations.

Director – Beth Agar