We thank our clients who have provided us with these testimonials. Section 121 of the Family Law Act prohibits publication of client details hence these testimonials are anonymous, however we do guarantee that they are authentic.


I used Jackie Vincent for advice on a separate dealing with financial matters and a child support agreement. We wanted to keep it out of court. Jackie was very professional, practical, clear and helpful. She did not over service and is clearly a well regarded and highly experienced legal practitioner. We went from no agreement to reaching an agreement in less than 6 months. Given the well known delays and cost in using a court process I’m pretty happy with that as it means we can both get on with our lives. Thanks Jackie!

Director – Jacqueline Vincent


Beth, we feel lucky to have had your support and given our now considerable experience of solicitors in family law (9 solicitors in total for XXX), we can confidently say that you’re exceptional. You knew when to push us, when to listen and kept us on track even at times when we were exhausted and floundering. Thanks for the opportunities you provided for XXX. We’ll always be grateful to you.

Senior Associate – Beth Agar

Michelle, I really appreciate all your support and help.  I had the best team on the Coast working for me.

Associate- Michelle Meares

Barry, thank you for all your amazing work, including finding XXXX at the last minute due to XXXX madness, which produced what seems currently a final solid outcome for our family.

Director – Barry Frakes

Catherine Coles and the Watts McCray team were brilliant. Firm when needed, outcome focused and on the ball at every step.

Canberra Partner – Catherine Coles

Thanks Sonja, it’s been a long and emotionally taxing road and I am so happy it’s over. It was a tough day but made much easier with Justin’s presence, his wealth of knowledge and cool demeanour. I’m very grateful for the outcome.

Director- Justin Dowd

Personal Assistant – Sonja Vidgen

Debra, your calm and caring demeanour gave me encouragement at a time when I needed it most. …I am very grateful to you for seeing me on the xx and for your help in putting me on the path towards change, whatever that turns out to be.

Canberra Partner – Debra Parker

Josh and Kiran, I look forward to you dealing with the rest of the orders as I couldn’t fault either of you in my past dealings. You are both assets to Watts McCray.

Associate – Joshua Randall

Solicitor – Kiran Grewal