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Every court procedure is very different and we have a team of representatives who understand your needs and can guide you on the options moving forward.

Whilst it is always better, and ultimately less costly, to reach agreement about family law issues without going to Court, that is not always possible. Therefore, it is important to ensure that when choosing a lawyer for court representation in a particular matter , you select a lawyer who understands court procedures, is familiar with each Court’s procedures and rules, and whom you can trust. Of course, your lawyer should also be a skilled advocate able to represent your best interests, and someone who has significant experience in court appearances.

Court procedures and requirements do vary from court to court, and from case to case. The lawyers at Watts McCray have experience in court representation Sydney wide, in all of the various courts which deal with family law cases, and are available for court appearance and to represent your best interests in litigated matters. The broad ranging experience and qualifications of our team of lawyers means we have solicitors available to represent clients in Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) cases, parenting disputes, property settlement cases, child support matters, and other family law and associated litigation.

When becoming involved in court matters, we recommend that the financial and other costs involved in a case are made known to our clients as early as possible. At Watts McCray, we ensure that estimated costs for going to Court are disclosed and discussed with our clients as early as possible to enable them to consider their options, understand the stages of their case, and to budget according to their needs and the demands of the matter.

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