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Dispute Resolution


Arbitration is a form of Dispute Resolution for the resolution of disputes outside the Courts.

The parties to a dispute refer the dispute (or the Court refers the dispute) to arbitration by an Arbitrator. The Arbitrator reviews the evidence in the case (including, if agreed, the evidence of the parties in person) and comes to a decision that is legally binding on the parties and enforceable by the Courts.

Advantages of Arbitration

  • In contrast to litigation, where one cannot “choose the judge”, Arbitration allows the parties to choose their own Arbitrator. The Arbitrator chosen can be an expert in the field.
  • Arbitration is much faster than litigation in Court. It can be resolved in three (3) weeks not three (3) years as it is now often taking in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court.
  • A party can request Arbitration on a specific issue or all issues in dispute.


All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones. In my opinion there was never a good war or a bad peace. When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?

Benjamin Franklin