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Level 1, 9 George Street, Parramatta, NSW, 2150 (02) 9635 4266 (02) 9635 4266

Welcome to our Watts McCray Parramatta Office located at 9 George Street Parramatta next to the Garfield Barwick Commonwealth Law Courts Building that houses both the Parramatta Family Court and the Parramatta Federal Circuit Court.

We are a leading family law firm with a team of accredited family lawyers, mediators and arbitrators. Members of our family law team have the experience and expertise to represent you in Court or in an alternate dispute resolution process, be it a collaboration, mediation or arbitration. Furthermore, our mediators and arbitrators are able to assist to resolve or to determine your family law dispute.

In addition, our Property and Estate team of lawyers are able to provide legal advice and assistance on a range of matters including the purchase and sale of property, leases, wills, powers of attorney and enduring guardianships.

Our Parramatta reception is open Monday-Friday from 08.30 - 17.30.

Alternatively, fill out the contact form below, or call 1300 516 443 and ask to be diverted to our nearest office to you, for your convenience.

Below you will find our team members in our Watts McCray Parramatta office.

Family Law Services Team

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Michelle Brown
Principal Lawyer/Practice Leader - Northern Beaches

mbrown@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Justin Dowd AM
Principal Lawyer/Practice Leader - Parramatta

jdowd@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Barry Frakes
Principal Lawyer/Practice Leader - CBD

bfrakes@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Jacqueline Vincent
Principal Lawyer/Practice Leader - NSW

jvincent@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Rescina Hekimian
Principal Lawyer

rhekimian@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Chris Dunn
Senior Consultant

cdunn@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile
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Elise Fordham
Senior Associate

efordham@wattsmccray.com.au View full profile

Commercial, Property and Estate Services Team

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