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These conferences help us to reach a quick resolution to the issues with all parties involved.

Settling a matter out of court is an alternative option which is becoming more and more popular amongst parties who wish to avoid the time, stress and expense of going to court. Settlement conferences allow for negotiation, with the cooperation of parties and their legal representatives.

A settlement conference is a meeting which can involve the parties to a dispute, their legal representative, and any other appropriately qualified expert who can assist in the resolution of a matter. For example, family accountants or tax planners.

Any matter of concern or relevance to the issues in dispute can be discussed at a settlement conference, and we find it is often the case that a bringing together of family members, and their lawyers for frank and confidential discussions “around the table”, can often lead to agreements being reached resolving some of the most complex parenting and financial issues arising upon relationship breakdown or divorce. Settlement conferences can also be used to finalise property settlements.

Settlement conferences can be convened by agreement at any time where there are matters to discuss, and can be a quick and less expensive option to resolve issues.

Once agreements are reached at a settlement conference, appropriate legal documentation can be prepared formalising the settlement achieved.

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All of the lawyers at Watts McCray have sound experience and skill in the art of negotiation, and can be most effective when negotiating in settlement conferences on behalf of clients. If you would like to get in touch with us regarding out services, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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