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It is important to accommodate for the whole family during legal disputes and we understand the individual needs for each family member.

We have expert child support and custody lawyers to aid you through the process.

The majority of children in Australia, of separated families, are covered by the Child Support scheme. The support payments for children in separated families are commonly agreed upon by each parent, or otherwise assessed and monitored by the Child Support Agency rather than the Courts. The amount of money payable is different in each case, is dependent upon the specific circumstances of the family and its income, and is based on the application of a statutory formula.

Whilst the introduction of this scheme in 1989 was designed to simplify the process, many variations to the standard formula have been developed over the years since then in order to accommodate differing family circumstances.

Our lawyers cut through the complicated jargon

At Watts McCray, our child support lawyers have extensive experience in working with the now quite complex associated laws. We understand that the payment of money by one partner to the other is often a sensitive issue so we will assist you to understand the law and its effect on your situation. Our lawyers will work with you to give you options should you feel that any Administrative Assessment issued by the Children Support Agency does not produce a fair and/or viable outcome in your particular circumstances. We can also assist in the preparation of private Agreements in more complex matters, or where families desire to keep the arrangements private.


  • By law both parents are required to support their child financially. In some cases this may involve one parent paying a child support payment to the other, to help with the costs of raising a child.

  • Child support laws in Australia allow for children with separated parents to be covered by the Child Support scheme, administered by the Child Support Agency. The scheme uses a formula, based on the income of both parents, the costs of raising children, the number of children in the family, and the amount of time each parent spends with their children whom they are required to financially support.

  • There are a number of steps that can be taken to dispute child support payments. If a parent believes the current child support payments are unfair, he or she can fill out an application with the Child Support Agency. If the Agency makes a decision which again is not favourable to the parent, further steps can be taken to have that decision reviewed.

    Changing child support decisions can be complex, and you should consult one of our experienced lawyers for assistance and specific advice.

  • In some situations of child support lawyers are not needed at all. Parents can make their own arrangements. These can be informal and unwritten or may be formalised in a written agreement called a Child Support Agreement. A Child Support Agreement, which is properly prepared and signed, is able to be enforced if one parent does not comply with it.