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Consent orders in Sydney and beyond.

Our philosophy is always to attempt to obtain a speedy resolution for you. We receive a lot of feedback from our clients which reinforces our belief that it is usually advantageous to negotiate a settlement, and to avoid going to Court.

When couples are able to reach full agreement about such things as parenting issues or property settlement, under the family law their agreement can be recorded in a written document signed by both parties which is then presented to the Family Court of Australia and made into a set of consent orders.

Our Sydney, suburban, regional and Canberra offices regularly assist clients to go from the stage of having a vague agreement, to having an order made by the court. The beauty of these is that the agreement reached by the couple is then binding and enforceable. Better still, consent orders can be made without either party actually having to attend Court at any time.

To avoid the hassle of going to court, let us guide you through the steps to implementing and negotiating a consent order.

Knowing that consent orders are available to record and finalise many legal issues once agreed, does mean that people can negotiate a legal binding agreement all the time understanding they need not proceed to Court. This process can help save time and money for both parties, as well as reducing stress on children and other stakeholders.

  • In cases where agreement is reached, and a Consent Order is able to be prepared, you do not have to go to Court to finalise a family law matter.

    There are many factors which impact upon whether or not it is possible for a Consent Order to be made, and you should discuss that with one of our specialist lawyers.

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  • The wealth of experience that we possess specifically in family law, including divorce, domestic violence and all other areas, allows us to be able to provide each of our clients with professional service. Providing a sympathetic approach to what can be a very emotional process, we have gathered a long list of positive testimonials from past clients who were more than impressed with our work.

    For more information or legal help in Sydney, Parramatta, Canberra or another area we service, contact us to make an appointment to discuss your situation.

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