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Domestic Violence

This serious issue is being spoken about publicly more and more, which is fantastic considering there are quite literally tens of thousands of recorded cases around Australia each year.

Under no circumstances is domestic violence acceptable. We work together to ensure personal safety and protection.

It is completely and utterly unacceptable, and should not ever occur. Underpinned by the notion of control, domestic abuse can take many forms and can have disastrous effects on the lives of adults and children. This is true for those who are unfortunate enough to experience it directly as well as those who witness occurrences happening to loved ones.

Taking care of necessary parenting arrangements.

State laws make provision for your personal safety, and can protect you and your children from family violence or abuse. Under domestic violence laws in Sydney and throughout Australia, it is possible to help keep a violent spouse or partner away through the issuing of an AVO (Apprehended Violence Order), sometimes known in other jurisdictions as a restraining order. If, for any reason, you fear for your own safety or the safety of your children, our lawyers can advise you on obtaining AVOs for your safety and wellbeing and on the implication of AVOs in relation to parenting arrangements after domestic violence and separation. For example, AVOs may include conditions restricting the parent from entering or being near the child’s school, sporting club, etc.

Sometimes AVOs are sought inappropriately. If you are served with a Summons or Temporary Order one of our professional lawyers will also act on your behalf in Court if you need to defend the making of an AVO against you, should this be necessary. We recognise that some AVOs can impose unfair or highly damaging conditions on the subject of the order, and are prepared to fight for fairer orders in order to help uphold the integrity of the system.


  • If at any time you’re assaulted, intimidated or harassed by your spouse, or you fear that it’s likely to happen, then swift action can be taken under State Laws to obtain a domestic violence order (AVO) for your protection. Please speak to us freely of any fears you have so we can advise you about what can be done to alleviate your concerns.

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