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With our two specialist solicitors, we ensure you are guided through the processes to witness any legal documents which require a Notary Public such as documents for use outside Australia.

As an additional service, Watts McCray Lawyers has two solicitors who are also able to act as a Notary Public in our Sydney and Parramatta offices, for the assistance of clients and other members of the public.

In many countries around the world, notaries are important public officers who take responsibility for overseeing non-contentious matters such as estate planning, powers of attorney, international trade documentation and more. They are qualified and registered professionals with the power to sign or place seals on certain documents, making them official (known as notarisation). In Australia, the closest equivalent to a notary public would be a justice of the peace, although they are not considered equal for legal purposes. Sometimes, expats and visitors require documentation to be notarised and sent back before they return in person, for business/trade, property or marital matters. If you require a notary to notarise a document for use in another country, we can help.

Justin Dowd, a Partner and Maurice Edwards, one of our Senior Consultants are available to administer oaths and to witness the signing of documents for use in overseas countries where a Justice of the Peace or solicitor carrying out such function is not accepted. Having documents notarised in our offices is quick and affordable. Urgent appointments may be possible, subject to the availability of our two specialists.

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