Watts McCray addresses the challenges of COVID-19

Watts McCray is committed to protecting the health and well-being of all our staff, and our clients as well as the community in general. As this is our priority, we are implementing processes to address the challenges of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. As government and World Health Organisation advice and guidelines change, we will continue working to adapt our processes too. So far we have ensured:
• Comprehensive and secure technology that enables our staff to work remotely from the office to minimise any disruption to our clients and to continue to maintain high-quality services.
• Full access to telephone or video conference facilities combined with processes in place to minimise the occasions our clients need to attend the office.
• Guidelines for our staff and visitors in accordance with government and medical advice for the purpose of any unavoidable face-to-face meetings including at this time, social distancing additional cleaning and sanitation as well as monitoring of everyone’s health.
Watts McCray is a modern firm with a pro-active approach to dealing with any issues which arise and we will continue to assist you with quality advice and creative solutions during these unprecedented times.

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