What Do Family Law Clients Want? We Have the Answer

Watts McCray has special, advanced access to a detailed report on the preferences and behaviours of over 10,911 family law clients that has been conducted by our legal-tech partners at Settify.

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What Do Family Law Clients Wants?

It is extremely important to us that we address our clients needs and understand what it is that they look for in both a family law firm, and of course their family lawyer, to ensure we are providing the services that they require. For this reason, we, alongside our partners at Settify, stopped to ask ourselves this question: what do family law clients want?

In the report, Settify reveals the results of a survey where clients were asked to rank their top priorities in terms of what is most important to them when they are commencing work with their lawyers.

what do family law clients want?

The highest ranked priority was “I want to understand the legal process I am engaging in” with an average score of 4.48 out of 5.

That was closely followed by “I want the process to be quick and easy” at 4.37 and “I want personal service” at 4.25.


All of those priorities outranked the propositions “I don’t want to spend much money on a lawyer”, “I feel apprehensive about engaging a lawyer” and “I will pay more to achieve the best possible outcome.”


Of course, every matter is different, and Watts McCray clients have diverse needs, interests and priorities. Given the large sample however, the results of the report provide a useful insight into how family lawyers can best assist clients at the early stages of their matter.


Watts McCray Lawyers – Helping Clients to Understand the Legal Process

Watts McCray lawyers know that it’s normal to feel uncertainty and confusion following separation.  That is why we ensure that clients can quickly and comprehensively understand their position, and remain informed throughout the process.

Firstly, we invite all of our clients to use our sophisticated online induction system either from our website, or as soon as they contact us. The system is powered by Settify, and after a few simple questions, clients receive an individual, personalised summary of where they stand, the legal issues that arise for them, and an indication about how our lawyers can help.

Clients can also provide their background information online, so that in our first meeting, we will provide thorough advice, talk though the options, answer all of the questions that have been weighing on our clients’ minds, and determine a strategy for the way forward.


Settify’s full report will be released here on 26 June. In the meantime, we welcome you to get started online, so that you can learn about the family law process as it applies to you and your personal situation.

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