Family Law Clients Preference and Behaviour Report by Settify

Watts McCray has special, pre-release access to a detailed report on 10,911 Family Law Clients Preference and Behaviour that has been compiled by Settify, our friends and family-law-tech partners.

Volume 1

The following report is the first volume in Settify’s multi-part series, and sets out data on client preferences and behaviours, focusing on the following:

  • What factors do clients find most important when selecting their lawyers?
  • How many lawyers do they consider before deciding who to work with?
  • At what point do they make up their mind to engage a firm?

This is a large, powerful dataset, and a particularly interesting one for those who manage or work in private family law firms.

Vol 1 – Family Law Insights Report – Client Preference and Behaviour

The Findings

Many of the findings in this report will confirm your intuitions. Some of the data is illuminating and surprising. Click on the link above to find out more.

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