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Watts McCray’s Special Counsel, Maurice Edwards, presented a paper titled “International and Interstate Relocation cases – Relocating over the Rainbow ” at the Family Law Forum in Sydney yesterday. Maurice joined the Honourable Federal Circuit Court Judges Boyle and Dunkley and other lawyers that presented at the Forum.  The presenters’ papers focussed on the latest issues relating to children, parents and domestic violence.  Maurice’s paper reviewed the changes in the law as regards to International and Interstate relocations and traced the trends in the case law over the last 40 years.  Included in his presentation were the latest cases under the “Hague Child Abduction” and “Hague Child Protection” Conventions.  As Maurice said, “Cases involving the relocation of children over the rainbow to the land where the clouds are far behind and where troubles melt like lemon drops remain the most difficult to resolve.  Notwithstanding that the world has become a smaller place through technology, and that it is far easier than it was to keep in contact with a left behind parent, these cases remain a challenge for the Courts and for lawyers”.

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