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SAFAR – Family Law Document Security System

Establishing and maintaining secure documents is vital and SAFAR can cater to your needs for up to 20 years.

Storing documents securely is important because, should any issues arise with agreements and arrangements, producing the original document or certified copies as soon as possible can help streamline the process of enforcement or other action. However, not every client has the physical or digital resources to keep their legal documentation safe and secure from tampering.

SAFAR is a Family Law document security system developed and maintained by Watts McCray Lawyers. This system can register and electronically store important family law documents such as financial agreements, superannuation agreements, wills and bequests. It is the ideal way to gain peace of mind that your documents are protected should you move house/office, or in case of emergency.

SAFAR stores the documents for 20 years, subject to agreement, and protects them from unauthorised access. It allows authorised parties to search the database, and provides copies of the documents when required.

To secure your documents with SAFAR, all you’ll need to do is:

  • Submit a copy of the document you want to store plus any annexure and schedules
  • Certify that the documents are full and true copies
  • Pay your initial document lodgement fee

Fees for SAFAR are as follows (fees listed exclude GST):

  • Initial document lodgement fee $125
  • Initial Advice Letter lodgement fee $20
  • Search and retrieval fee $50

To learn more about utilising SAFAR, contact us on safar@wattsmccray.com.au

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