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With so many new units being built every day, most people will either own or will have lived in a strata unit within their lifetime. However the rules and regulations that govern strata complexes are not always clear.

Through the years, the Property and Commercial Team at Watts McCray have worked with both individual lot owners and Owners Corporations in order to resolve disputes and have assisted in preparation of documents for the management of strata complexes. Our services include:

  • By-law drafting and enforcement
  • Drafting of Strata management statements and their enforcement
  • Drafting of Community management statements and their enforcement
  • Boundary interpretation and disputes
  • Conversion from Company title and tenancy-in-common title to strata title
  • Drafting of and advice on collective sale agreements
  • Dealing with defective common property disputes and insurance claims
  • Strata Meeting disputes
  • Application for Tribunal orders, urgent and non-urgent
  • Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearings
  • Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, District Court and Local Court proceedings

Contact the Watts McCray Property and Commercial team for assistance on (02) 9283 5877.

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