Debra Parker; Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers

Congratulations to Debra Parker from our Watts McCray Canberra office! In an exciting start to the New Year, we are delighted to announce Debra’s latest achievement. Debra has been successfully admitted as a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (‘IAFL’).

Debra Parker Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers

Since 1986, the IAFL has held a strong reputation as an international body to improve the practice of divorce and family law. With over 60 countries represented, the IAFL boasts tremendous diversity and agility in the wealth of international legal knowledge and networks available within the organisation.

The IAFL is renowned for the level of professional engagement and development it both fosters and attracts, and promotes the formation of a worldwide network of professionals at the forefront of their field. By engaging eminent members of the legal profession internationally, the IAFL fosters the building of international contacts and networking.


Member of IAFL

As a member of the IAFL, Debra is proud to belong to an organisation that facilitates the development of high calibre professionals engaged in the area of family law, in which she has a passionate interest. Recognised for her significant experience in family law and listed in the Doyle’s’ Guide as one of the Australian Capital Territory’s leading family lawyers and mediators from 2015 to 2019, Debra embraces this opportunity to share her expertise in family law with her international colleagues, enhancing the skills that she uses in advising her clients both domestically and internationally.