32nd LAWASIA Conference 2019

LAWASIA is the law association for Asia and the Pacific, and their annual conference is a flagship event and the highlight of its professional events program. It serves as a forum for jurists, individual lawyers and professional organisations to build networks, share ideas, reinforce values and to advance the status of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific. The 32nd LAWASIA conference 2019 is being held in Hong Kong.

Director of Watts McCray, Justin Dowd, can be seen below alongside the Chief Justice of Hong Kong, the Honourable Geoffrey Ma, also Secretary for justice and HK Law Society and LAWASIA executive, among others.

Justin, who has been with Watts McCray for many years, was re-elected as Vice President of LAWASIA during the conference.

32nd LAWASIA conference 2019

More news and updates from the event to come soon.

Please visit the 32nd LAWASIA conference 2019 official website should you want to read further.

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