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Easter and school holiday time can be tough for separated or divorced parents. Though, in a perfect world, both parents would spend time with their kids, sometimes that is not always possible. Therefore, it is important to plan and put steps in place to ensure that the holiday period goes as smoothly as possible for the sake of your children. With the few steps below, you and your children can enjoy the holiday period.

Set expectations early – yours and your children's

Make arrangements early and communicate the plan to your children in an encouraging and supportive way. Even though you may be dreading the holiday period without them, it is important that they feel as though you will be OK if they spend Easter holidays with their other parent.

Create an alternative Easter for you

Look at this time as an opportunity to develop relationships with your own parents or friends further. Take a trip away, even. You can choose what type of Easter you want and, importantly, you can focus on having a relaxing and even fun time. Perhaps see it as an opportunity to do your good deed for the week and volunteer at a homeless shelter, for example.

Have a second Easter with the kids

The great thing about the school holidays coinciding with Easter is that there is plenty of time for a second Easter with you! What child wouldn't enjoy a second Easter with you and the prospect of a second lot of chocolate? It's a no brainer.

Talk to your children while they're away

Make an arrangement to Skype them during the break. Even if you don't get along well with your ex, keep it amicable for the kids.

Above all, try and make the most of your 'me time' and do something nice for yourself while the kids are with their other parent.

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